Our Global Strategy to Combat Poverty

At Human Concern USA, we are dedicated to uplifting communities and individuals across the globe by creating avenues for sustainable transformation and progress.

Leveraging our vast network of partners, our goal is to enhance healthcare services, educational programs, economic opportunities, and access to clean water. By collaborating closely with local community leaders, we can accurately evaluate the effectiveness of our initiatives, ensuring continuous refinement and meaningful impact. This collaborative approach empowers communities with the tools they need to thrive.


Your generous donations are the catalyst for this transformative work. Together, we can forge a path toward a global future where poverty is eradicated and prosperity abounds for all.

100 0 K Kg
of food distributed to orphans and families.
Water wells built annually.
0 K
treated for injuries and disease.
0 million
families taught how to earn a living.


Lasting change arises from tackling the root causes of poverty in communities. Through research, field studies, and dialogues with locals, we pinpoint programs that will be most impactful.

Investing in education, healthcare, clean water, skills training, and agriculture, HCI empowers communities to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Your support today ensures a lasting positive impact for future generations.

Six months ago, my father died of a heart attack. No one helped us until we found Human Concern.

In The Villages of Afghanistan

By enabling parents to upskill and earn a living, children return to school or enlist as apprentices to further their education.