A Noble Past, A Bright Future

"Decades of Combating Poverty & Providing Aid."

In 1983, a group of compassionate individuals founded one of the first Muslim relief organizations in North America, setting the stage for our impactful journey.

Having disbursed hundreds of millions in aid, sponsored thousands of orphans, and saved countless lives during catastrophes, we take pride in our accomplishments.

Yet, we recognize that our mission is far from complete. Guided by our core vision, mission, and values, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of a more just and equitable world.”

Embrace Our Vision,
Be Part of the Cause.

For more than four decades, our leaders, team members, volunteers, and supporters have united under a common goal – to create a world free of poverty and injustice. This is no small feat, yet, as stewards of God’s creation, we must strive for nothing less.

Whether responding to emergencies or assessing global needs, we are on a mission to transition families from crisis to self-sufficiency.

Our aim isn’t to foster dependence on aid, but to empower communities to thrive independently.

Our Guiding Principles

Embracing and Uplifting: We value inclusion and foster a culture where everyone can thrive.

Respect and Compassion: We believe in the inherent worth of every individual and strive to show love and respect to help them reach their full potential.

Advocacy for Fairness: We work to empower communities to challenge and change structures of injustice and inequality, both locally and globally.

Integrity and Openness: We are committed to being an accountable organization that values transparency and honesty in all our interactions.

Nutritious Food

Households require monthly deliveries of essential food items to support their family members.

Quality Education

Education serves as the catalyst for transformative change in vulnerable communities.

Clean Water

Clean drinking water elevates the quality and standard of living for everyone.


Healthcare initiatives safeguard the lives of children, seniors, and expectant mothers.

Over 40 Decades,
Across 40 Countries.

Dollars distributed in aid.
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Throughout its history, HCI has led numerous relief initiatives in the wake of natural disasters, conflicts, and other crises. These efforts encompass distributing vital necessities like food, shelter, and medical equipment, along with executing long-term developmental programs that empower communities to fortify their resilience and achieve self-sufficiency.

In addition, HCI places a strong emphasis on collaborating with local partners to guarantee the efficient and effective delivery of aid. Through its relief efforts, HCI has significantly improved the lives of numerous individuals and communities grappling with challenges and hardships.