Creating a Brighter Future for Children

What Makes a Child Happy?

The components of a child’s happiness are straightforward yet priceless: time for play, education, camaraderie, and the support of family. Unfortunately, poverty and adversity have tainted the wellspring of youth for countless children globally.

Countless children around the world find themselves saddled with adult burdens prematurely, stepping into roles as primary caregivers or primary earners. In an effort to support their families or the siblings in their charge, these children resort to sifting through roadside refuse for a modest income. Such should never be the reality for any child.

With your support, access to proper education and opportunities widens, empowering them to craft futures filled with promise. Beyond that, you provide the essentials we all deem necessary—nutritious food, stable housing, and comprehensive healthcare—restoring to these children a sense of security and joy.

Here at HCI, our commitment lies in extending vital assistance to those impacted by poverty, violence, and exploitation, thereby ensuring that these children can fully embrace their childhoods until they are truly ready to take on the responsibilities that adulthood brings.

Your donation can sponsor a child in Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco, Uyghur, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Kashmir (Pakistan), Somalia, Rohingya & Guyana.

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