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The same thing that provides our lives with comfort is limiting the quality of life for millions around the world — water. 

Each year, 443 million school days are lost from water-related challenges and illnesses. Dirty drinking water kills 1000 children each day through diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, dysentery and other water-borne illnesses. That means more people die every year… Lack of access to clean drinking water means a less prosperous community. 

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of clean drinking water. Access to clean water keeps children in school, prevents early death, and reduces poverty by enabling communities to build economy and agriculture for trade and sustenance. 

Human Concern International is on the ground in the most drought-stricken areas of the world to provide vulnerable communities with access to clean drinking water. To ensure that WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) programs are tenable, we work with local partners who are more intimate with the challenges of their communities to find and implement practical and effective solutions. 

Programs are only one part of the strategy. The second is staffing, training, equipping with programs with human resources on the ground. We invest in members of the community to manage and reinforce WASH programs and their infrastructure for lasting and sustainable change, maximizing donor impact and elevating the community for generations to come.




How To Help?



Provides an individual with immediate access to clean water & aid



Provides a family with clean water, safe latrines for health & sanitation



Provides access to clean water for a neighborhood (including livestock)



  • 19,643 19,643 children can now attend school safely and consistently
  • 236  482 orphans assisted with medical care, basic necessities, and education
  • 5 78 latrines constructed to improve sanitation and hygiene in vulnerable communities to stop open and public defecation.

Water For Life

Where We Operate

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Locations In Africa
Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Kenya, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia
Locations In Middle East
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Middle East
Locations In Asia

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In The Field

Human Concern International’s staff, volunteers, and partners actively take photos of their time and their work in the field with our beneficiaries as they receive food baskets, medical care, warm meals, and more. To see the latest photos from the field, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

In The Field


Water is the cornerstone of life. Imagine not being able to open a faucet and drink clean water, or take a shower, or cook a meal. Water even helps make sure that children stay in class rather than walk an entire day to fetch buckets of water for their families’ needs. We’ve seen lives change in communities we’ve worked in once a well or a latrine was constructed.

Mahmuda Khan

Executive Director

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