The conflict in Sudan has cost hundreds of lives and is threatening to become a civil war. HCI is on the ground providing urgent medical care to innocent lives caught in the conflict, but they need your help.
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Innocent Lives Under Threat

Since the violence broke out, hundreds of innocent lives have been lost, and countless more are at risk. Unable to escape the conflict and with a healthcare system that is struggling to cope with the number of injured patients and provide them with adequate care. Urgent aid is desperately needed to help support those affected in Sudan.

In Omdurman-Khartoum where the conflict is centered, there are currently only two hospitals that are providing obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics, essentially serving 3-4 million people. One of them is called Saudi Hospital. We urgently need $75,000 CAD to keep the hospital running for the next month, with 100% going directly towards patient care.

Anything you can donate will make a life-saving difference to innocent lives. So please, give generously and protect and support our brothers and sisters in Sudan

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