Zakat Orphans Appeal

In 2020, the gap between the poor and the wealthy widened multitudes beyond what it was in 2019. The impoverished are worse off than they’ve ever been before. We all know the stories of the early generation of Muslims, and how concerned they were with looking after the needy, and the orphan. This Ramadan, we have the opportunity to not be limited to listening to the stories of the Sahabah, we can live them through establishing the institution of Zakat and practicing it.

The orphan is disadvantaged in ways that has no comparison. Without parents in their corner supporting them and encouraging them from a young age, many of them struggle to find footing in life. We are responsible for these children, and ensuring that they’re cared for and looked after as if they are our own. The Prophet, putting his two fingers side by side said that “I will be like this in Jannah with the person who takes care of an orphan.”

This Ramadan, Human Concern International is setting the goal of supporting 300 orphans. We want to see a world where no child goes to bed or school without food in their stomach. Your donation will fuel the fight to support orphans globally, lift them out of poverty, and ensure that they’re giving a chance at a better life. Donate your Zakat today, and uphold the legacy of the first generation of Muslims.



How To Help?



Provide an orphan with school supplies to continue their education



Provide an orphan with warm meals for an entire month



Provide an orphan with food, clothing, school supplies, and medical care


Changing The Lives of Orphans

  • 1,920

    Last year, 1,920 orphans were looked after, cared for, and supported with food, shelter, clothing, and access to education with school supplies.

  • 160

    160 families in Morocco are supported with monthly food baskets to help nourish a widow and her children.

  • 14 hrs

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Giving Orphans a Chance at Life


Your Zakat Saves Lives

Zakat Calculator
Do you know what kind of real life impact your Zakat has on the world? Use our calculator and track your impact and the Blessing of Zakat.
Zakat Al-Fitr
Have you made your Zakat al Fitr donation? It is obligatory that your Zakat al Fitr donation is paid before the prayer of Eid ul Adha.
Fidya Kaffarah
Make your donation today as a means of expiation. Your donation also benefits the most needy members of our society with provisions.

In The Field

Human Concern International’s staff, volunteers, and partners actively take photos of their time and their work in the field with our beneficiaries as they receive food baskets, medical care, warm meals, and more. To see the latest photos from the field, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

In The Field


We spend our lives accumulating wealth and enjoying its blessing. There is blessing in wealth even after we pass. Leave a legacy behind in the form of Zakat and Sadaqah Jariyah to help continue the good work that alleviates the pain and suffering of vulnerable communities.

Mahmuda Khan

Executive Director

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