Zakat Food Appeal

In 2020, the gap between the poor and the wealthy widened multitudes beyond what it was in 2019. The impoverished are worse off than they’ve ever been before. We all know the stories of the early generation of Muslims, and how concerned they were with looking after the dejected, feeding the hungry, and addressing the needs of people. This Ramadan, we have the opportunity to not be limited to listening to the stories of the Sahabah, we can live them through establishing the institution of Zakat and practicing it.

Your Zakat obligations are so much more than a soulless tax on your wealth. The institution of Zakat brings about a sea of positive change to the communities that benefit from your Zakat. One of the most important functions is to feed the hungry. When the Prophet Muhammad was asked which aspect of Islam is best, he replied “Offering food (to the needy) and greeting with Salam those whom you know and those whom you do not know.”

This Ramadan, Human Concern International is setting a goal of feeding 175,000 people. We want to see a world where no woman, man, or child goes to bed without food in their stomach. Your donation will fuel the fight against hunger and poverty.

Donate your Zakat today and uphold the legacy of the first generation of Muslims.



How To Help?



Your donation can properly feed a malnourished child



Your donation can feed a family for a whole month



Your donation can feed 4 families for an whole month


Zakat Sponsored Food Aid

  • 88k

    88,000 men, women, and children were provided for during the month of Ramadan, fighting hunger across 22 countries.

  • 14.5k

    We’ve provided food assistance to 14,500 families across 22 countries during the month of Ramadan to ensure that no family’s table is left empty at iftar.

  • 22

    Your donations helped HCI deliver food assistance packages to 22 countries across the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.


Your Donations Are Fighting Hunger


Your Zakat saves lives

Zakat Calculator
Do you know what kind of real life impact your Zakat has on the world? Use our calculator and track your impact and the Blessing of Zakat.
Zakat Al-Fitr
Have you made your Zakat al Fitr donation? It is obligatory that your Zakat al Fitr donation is paid before the prayer of Eid ul Adha.
Fidya Kaffarah
Make your donation today as a means of expiation. Your donation also benefits the most needy members of our society with provisions.

In The Field

Human Concern International’s staff, volunteers, and partners actively take photos of their time and their work in the field with our beneficiaries as they receive food baskets, medical care, warm meals, and more. To see the latest photos from the field, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

In The Field


We spend our lives accumulating wealth and enjoying its blessing. There is blessing in wealth even after we pass. Leaving a legacy behind in the form of Zakat and Sadaqah Jariyah helps continue good work that alleviates the pain and suffering of vulnerable communities.

Mahmuda Khan

Executive Director

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