Palestinians Need Our Help

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Food Boxes

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Dignity Kits for Women


Emergency Shelter

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Medical Assistance

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Access to Temporary Learning Centers

Palestine Needs Our Support

A Country In Distress

Update from the Ground: August 5th, 2022

The innocent residents of Gaza face an imminent threat to their lives and the lives of their loved ones. More than 360 were declared wounded in the most recent attack. Among the 44 dead are 15 children, while 151 other children have been injured.

Attacks are continuing, and Israel launched more rockets on Gaza. More than 18 homes have been destroyed or severely damaged, leaving 450 people internally displaced without shelter.

The people of Gaza have no room to breathe. Reconstruction efforts underway since the last attack are at risk once again. We need your support to increase our relief efforts in providing families with essential supplies, including food packs, shelter, female kits, access to learning centers, as well as hospitals with medical equipment and resources needed to treat the injured.

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Food Box
Provide a food box of essential food supplies to a family of 5 people for a month


Dignity Kits for Women
Provides a woman with a kit of basic hygeine supplies (shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc.)


Emergency Shelter
Provides an immediate weatherized tent to accommodate a family


Temorary Learning Center
Provides a child with access to a safe space, educational activies, warm meals and psychological support


Medical Assistance
Provides access to free medical services (check ups, first aid, medication, vaccinations, etc.)


House Renovation
Rebuild one house of a family that has been destroyed in Gaza


Our Emergency Response

In any emergency situation, Human Concern USA follows these steps:
  1. Conduct a needs assessment which will determine the extent of the disaster, what the people affected need in the short and long term, and who exactly Human Concern USA can help.
  2. Begin the first phase of relief titled Emergency Relief, which is the provision of basic necessities, such as food and water, hygiene items, and temporary/transitional shelter setups (e.g. tents). In this phase we also provide basic health assistance through the provision of medical supplies and/or medicine.
  3. Begin the second phase of relief titled Early Recovery, which involves (re)building of permanent housing and providing cash assistance so that families can return to their homes, and children can return to school.
  4. Begin the third phase of relief titled Community Development, which involves investing in restoring health systems, providing psychosocial support and trauma relief, and working with the community to rebuild infrastructure and social systems.

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