Children Deserve to Be Children

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Provide vulnerable children the love and care they deserve by sponsoring an orphan today with HCI USA and affording them the opportunity to feel safe and secure.

Sponsoring Saves Lives

Your sponsorship can save a child from a life of hardship, a life of child labour, a life without a childhood. Instead, it will provide them with shelter, with opportunity and with a chance to chase their dreams.

Children deserve to feel secure and safe, and your sponsorship can do that for vulnerable children who’ve been left alone in the world. In communities that don’t have the resources to ensure their safety, and often they become the most at risk, but your sponsorship will change that.

Give orphaned children the chance to be children.

Our Impact

Stats on Child Sponsorship


orphans looked after, cared for, and supported with food, shelter, clothing, and access to education with school supplies last year


families in Morocco are supported with montly food baskets to help nourish a widow and her children

Sponsor An Orphan

Disclaimer: Dear Donor, please consider making a one-time yearly donation towards our CSP program vs. a monthly contribution if you are able. One-time yearly donations help us provide comprehensive aid to beneficiaries as well as save on monthly transaction fees. Thanks again for your continued support!

Afghanistian, Bangladesh, India,
Kashmir, Pakistan, Somalia, Rohingya, Guyana




Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia,
Yemen & Syria




Donate any amount to the orphan & Childcare Fund, and provide
support to children worldwide.



HCI USA’s Child Sponsorship Program (CSP)

HCI USA’s Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) supports the livelihoods of orphans and children in need. We recognize that millions of children around the world are out of school, engaged in child labor, child traffic, child abuse and are exploited due to issues of poverty and inequality. Our CSP ensures that children can attend school, get quality education, live in safe and secure homes, eat healthy meals, and have opportunities to realize their dreams.

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