2023 is now here. As ever we are committed to helping those most in need

Although December is over, the bitter winter cold continues in many parts of the world. Millions of people from Ukraine, Afghanistan and across the Middle East displaced by conflict or persecution are facing a perilous winter as freezing temperatures add to the misery already induced by spiraling prices, the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and extreme weather linked to the climate crisis.

You can start this year with an act of kindness by helping families survive the cold.

Provide Warmth this Winter

There are millions of displaced refugees living in camps worldwide. For them, winter is a battlefield, and they’re ill-equipped. They live in tents that struggle to keep out the cold. They don’t have warm winter socks and boots to keep their feet warm. Families have to huddle together for warmth and comfort because they don’t have a heater or a fuel source.

In the winter months, Human Concern International USA responds to these immediate needs and provides relief to vulnerable communities. Our staff distributes winter clothing, portable heaters, and fuel sources to give women, children, and seniors safe and comfortable living conditions.

It’s a matter of survival.

Food Box
Provide a food box of essential food supplies to a family in need for a month (e.g. flour, rice, lentils, sugar, oil, dates, canned tuna)

Food Box + Winter Kit
Provide a winter kit (jackets, boots, hats, mittens, blankets) and a food box of essential food supplies


Sponsor an Orphan

The recipe for a child’s happiness? Play time, friends, home, and school. Without the warm comforts of a home and without school where a child learns and plays, a child’s happiness is limited. There are millions of children around the world who have had to step up to become a father or mother to their siblings, the primary caregiver, or breadwinner for their family, way before their time.

Your donation means that a child will be saved from the clutches of violence, labor, abuse, and exploitation. Rather than collecting roadside garbage to be paid pennies, a child will attend school and strive for a better future. Provide a child’s basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare. You can restore a child’s security and complete their happiness recipe for good.

Sponsor a child today, and let children be children!

Group A
Sponsor an orphan for a year in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Somalia, Rohingya & Guyana

Group B
Sponsor an orphan for a year in Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Yemen & Syria


Build Houses In Syria

For the millions of Syrians who’ve been internally displaced by the civil war that still affects their lives today. Their search for a home is one they’ve had to struggle with for years as they reside in camps set up for them.

These camps have inadequate facilities, unstable shelter and are filled with disease. During the winters they’re left exposed to the freezing conditions that can be life-threatening.

HCI USA is dedicated to changing their lives and providing a place for them to live without worrying about getting sick, or being exposed to the weather. Help provide them with a brick housing pack. For $2,400, you can give them the house that they deserve and end their struggle to find a home.

Help Build A House
Contribute towards building a house with all the required necessities for a family in Syria

Build A Full House
Help build a complete house with all the required necessities for a family in Syria


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