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Responding to Crisis Together

When emergencies arise Human Concern USA’s emergency response team is there to take action and support those who’ve been affected. Our team assesses the situation in order to effectively provide humanitarian aid that helps to relieve some of the pressure that communities face when struck by an emergency.

By supporting an emergency fund, you’re helping to provide assistance to those who need it the most, in their most desperate time of need. So stand up for our global community with Human Concern USA and show your support for those who need it today.

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Yemen Emergency

The people of Yemen are subject to the turbulent conditions in the region. Internal conflict and military actions have created a state of disorder and chaos. The Yemeni people suffer from a lack of basic items and necessary medical supplies.

Human Concern USA is working hard to maintain a prominent presence in the region. Supplying the victims of the conflict with food security, medicinal needs and educational provisions, also offering a complete annual package to children in dire need of support. Human Concern USA has also recently established our bakery program, providing fresh bread to those who are hungry and jobs for locals in need of work.

Syria Emergency

Syrians have been devastated by the consequences of the civil war that’s torn apart the country. Resulting in millions being forced to flee the country and millions being internally displaced. Economic and natural disasters have meant that they’re still facing severe threats in their efforts to

Human Concern USA is tirelessly working to provide food security, healthcare, education and shelter during the harsh winter months. Helping them to move from tents and into homes with our brick housing pack.

Palestine Emergency

After responding to the recent attacks in Gaza and providing critical aid to those affected. Human Concern USA’s mission is more than to provide temporary relief. It is to take the residents of Palestine from crises to sustainability by investing in programs that provide education and economic empowerment. Human Concern USA is working tirelessly to make a sustainable impact in the fight against poverty.

Help us lift 57% of the population in Gaza and Palestine above the poverty line, for good.

Afghanistan Emergency

Afghanistan has been under siege for as long as we can remember. Its people have rarely known peace. The latest developments internally, and the recent earthquake disasters in the country have exposed the people of Afghanistan to grave danger. Threatening their lives and any sense of security. Lives truly are at risk.

In addition, Afghanistan is facing its second drought in three years while also battling malnutrition in half of all children under five years of age. The reports indicate that 18 million Afghans need assistance which is about 50% of the total population. They urgently need support.

Rohingya Emergency

One of the worst, on-going tragedies of our age: The genocide of the Rohingya people. Over 1,100,000 Rohingya fled from their homeland to seek refuge in Bangladesh. Now, they are stranded in the middle with almost no aid or relief.

Human Concern USA has been on the ground delivering emergency aid directly to the Rohingya refugees by providing food, shelter, winter relief, water and sanitation. In addition Human Concern USA is dedicated to offering assistance that will make an impact in the long-term. This year, we’re focused on helping as many refugees as possible with food, a place to live, medical aid, dignity kits for women and access to an education.

Help us provide a dignified life for the Rohingya people.

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