Sadaqah Saves Lives
Give Sadaqah with HCI this Dhul-Hijjah and make the most of this blessed time of the year.
Your Sadaqah donation will go towards building water wells for communities, providing food aid to families and giving Eid Gifts to orphan children around the world to lift the needy out of poverty. Your generosity during this special time can satisfy the immediate needs of the impoverished today, tomorrow and for generations to come.
Give Your Sadaqah
This Dhul Hijjah
Water Well
Food Box
Eid Gift
The Most
Blessed Days
“There are no days on which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah (SWT) than these [first] 10 days [of Dhul Hijjah].” (Bukhari)
This Dhul-Hijjah, you can donate towards providing communities with clean drinking water by donating towards a water well, food boxes containing many of the essential foods that can provide families with nutritious meals, as well as donating an Eid gift to vulnerable children and giving them Eid clothes and toys that will give them something to look forward to this Eid!

Donating sadaqah to HCI will not only go to benefit those in need, providing vital support to places such as Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan, but it will also increase your rewards by donating in the most holy days of the entire year – so boost your blessings this Dhul-Hijjah!

Give Your Sadaqah This Dhul Hijjah
Provides an individual or family with access to clean water & aid
*starting at $60
Provides a basket of essential food items to a family of 4-5 people
Provides one vulnerable child with Eid clothes, toys and candy
Donate your Qurbani meat to families in need to a country of your choice
*qurbani packages from $50
Give Sadaqah to help provide humantiarian aid to those in need
A Cause Worth
Your Sadaqah this Dhul-Hijjah will go towards changing lives.
While we deliver life-saving aid to millions of people crippled by crisis, HCI is committed to sustainable development. This commitment allows us to maximize the impact of your donations by taking a holistic approach to development rooted in empowering the communities we work in.
The communities we serve know their problems intimately. Human Concern International is there to ensure that community members and leaders have the resources required to implement a sustainable solution.
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