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The recipe for a child’s happiness? Play time, friends, home, and school. Without the warm comforts of a home and without school where a child learns and plays, half a child’s happiness is erased. There are millions of children around the world who’ve stepped up to become a father or mother to their siblings, the primary caregiver, or the breadwinner way before their time. HCI USA’s CSP program is here to provide the necessary support to children who have fallen victim to the misfortunes of life so that children can be children until they’re ready for more.

Your donation means that a child will be saved from the clutches of violence, labor, abuse, and exploitation. Rather than collecting roadside garbage to be paid pennies for the pound, a child will attend schooling to advance their chances for a better future. A child’s basic needs will be provided for such as food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare. You can restore a child’s security — you can complete their happiness equation once more. 

Continue your support today by sponsoring a child, and let children be children!


How To Help?

Disclaimer: Dear Donor, please consider making a one-time yearly donation towards our CSP program vs. a monthly contribution if you are able. One-time yearly donations help us provide comprehensive aid to beneficiaries as well as save on monthly transaction fees. Thanks again for your continued support!



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Donate any amount to the orphan & Childcare Fund, and provide support to children worldwide



HCI USA’s Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) supports the livelihoods of orphans and children in need. We recognize that millions of children around the world are out of school, engaged in child labor, child traffic, child abuse and are exploited due to issues of poverty and inequality. Our CSP ensures that children can attend school, get quality education, live in safe and secure homes, eat healthy meals, and have opportunities to realize their dreams.

We work with our local team on the ground to identify children who are most in need. The selection criteria we follow is as follows: 

  • The child is of school age.

  • The child must belong to a low-income family.

  • The child must be attending school unless she/he has a disability and cannot attend school.

  • The child must not be receiving aid from another NGO.

  • Preference is given to girls.

Priority is given to orphan children who are living on the streets/slums, are engaged in child labor, and are at an increased risk of exploitation, trafficking, and domestic violence.

We calculate the monthly cost based on the average living expense for a family. Our team on the ground ensures that the monthly minimum amount is able to take care of a child’s daily food, shelter, clothing, health care, and school fees.

If the donor decides to stop the CSP donation, the child is removed from the sponsorship of the donor and made available to other donors who would like to sponsor the child. If we cannot find another donor to take on the sponsorship, we try our best to cover the sponsorship for at least one year using our Zakat funds. 

If a monthly donation is not processed for any technical reason (e.g. credit card expiry), HCI USA continues to deliver the funds to the child while the donor care team resolves the issue.

Our CSP is built around trying to establish a strong connection between the donor and the sponsored child. However, any communication with the child would have to go through HCI USA. This is to ensure that we stay true to our policies of child protection and maintaining the privacy, safety, and security of the child.

Yes, It is possible to give gifts to your sponsored child(ren). At the moment, it is only possible to give cash gifts. During special occasions like Eid, these cash gifts bring joy and happy moments for the child and their entire family.

Yes, our CSP qualifies as one of the Zakat eligible categories.

The security and privacy of the children is HCI USA’s utmost priority. At the moment we cannot facilitate visits to the child’s home, as our child security procedures indicate that the address of the child remains confidential. Having said that, we can definitely try our best to facilitate a video call with the child. We ask that the donors keep in mind the time difference as well as internet connection limitations.

On an annual basis, HCI USA commits to providing you with most of following reporting:

  • Annual report of the child (click here for an example report).
  • School report card of the child. 
  • Updated photo of the child.
  • Drawing/letter from the child to you.
  • A video of the child
  • saying thank you. 
  • Our CSP team will communicate with you should any of this reporting not be available for any reason.

    In addition to this, you may contact our CSP team at any time to ask for an update. We will try our best to provide you with answers to any question you may have.

As soon as you make the first payment to confirm your sponsorship, HCI USA will reach out to the field team to provide details of the child. We expect to share these details (name, date of birth, country, and school address) with you within two weeks. Within a month, we then share with you a detailed profile of the child, which will include the child’s photo and financial condition. 

While we try our best to commit to the above mentioned timelines, we do acknowledge that there may be unexpected delays. Oftentimes, the children live in very remote areas or in conflict zones. With added travel restrictions due to COVID, it could take longer than expected to connect with the child and obtain the required information. Should there be any delays, our CSP team will communicate with you.

Yes, you can donate for the CSP in general. General funds are used to sponsor more children, and/or continue the sponsorship of children whose donors may have stopped donating.

Yes, you can give more than the required monthly amount. Oftentimes, donors will also choose to give eid gifts in cash to children. 

HCI USA encourages donors to commit to a one year sponsorship. This will ensure that the child attends school for at least one year, and during this time, the family may have also saved enough to allow the child to continue schooling for another year. 

HCI USA has a dedicated CSP team that takes care of your questions/concerns. The best way to get in touch with the CSP team is to email us at info@hciusa.org 



Stats on Child Sponsorship

Our work with orphans around the world ensuring no child is left behind

  • 1,920

    Last year, 1,920 orphans were looked after, cared for, and supported with food, shelter, clothing, and access to education with school supplies.

  • 160

    160 families in Morocco are supported with monthly food baskets to help nourish a widow and her children.


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HCI USA staff, volunteers, and partners actively take photos of their time and their work in the field with our beneficiaries as they receive food baskets, medical care, warm meals, and more. To see the latest photos from the field, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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We spend our lives accumulating wealth and enjoying its blessing. There is blessing in wealth even after we pass. Leave a legacy behind in the form of Zakat and Sadaqah Jariyah to help continue the good work that alleviates the pain and suffering of vulnerable communities.

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