Welcome to our US Launch! This Is Our Commitment...

As a new milestone for our organization, Human Concern has opened our first office in the US! This expansion empowers us to continue our work in taking vulnerable communities from crisis to sustainability.

While we deliver life-saving aid to millions of people crippled by crisis, Human Concern USA is committed to sustainable development. This commitment allows us to maximize the impact of your donations by taking a holistic approach to development rooted in empowering the communities we work in.

The communities we serve know their problems intimately. Human Concern USA is there to ensure that community members and leaders have the resources required to implement a sustainable solution.


How Human Concern USA carries out its mission & focuses on SDGs

We have an empowering philosophy towards the communities we serve. Working with local partners, institutions, and governments, we rely on their knowledge and expertise to solve problems and tackle poverty effectively. Building infrastructure to access clean water and opening schools to raise educated children are a few examples of our work in vulnerable communities.


Human Concern USA: Growing Globally


We Operate In 40 Countries


Where Your Money Goes


Where Your Money Goes

Income generating pathways for poor families

An interest free loan is an excellent solution to helping poor families start a small business and build an income. When a widow receives a loan from Human Concern USA, she is able to start her own business, earn a living, support her children, and give you the immense blessings long after you pass this earth.


Providing families and orphans with food security

Human Concern USA gives a herd of sheep or cows to a family so they can begin benefiting from the milk consumption and sale. This dignifies the family and gives them the support they need to stand on their feet.


Brighter futures for vulnerable children

We support the building of schools to improve access to quality education for all genders and backgrounds. Children are equipped with desirable skills necessary for gaining meaningful employment.


Clean water improves quality of life

Water is the center of life. In 2019, we built over 200 wells and latrines for communities unable to access clean water for their daily needs. Now, Sophia doesn’t have to walk 100km’s a day to fetch water. She can go to school and gain relevant skills for employment.


Together, we bring lasting change & improve the lives of people in need

  • 56 K56,121 seniors and vulnerable people received healthcare and medical attention
  • 50%7,819 scholarships awarded to students in need, with over 50% awarded to girls
  • 236236 wells built in communities with limited access to water, benefiting more than 150,00 people
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Be the difference in the world

With a gift to Human Concern USA, you can help change our world. You can provide healthcare to the sick, education for the poor, water for the thirsty, and shelter for the abandoned. This all starts with you.

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